On Hold Equipment

We have access to a large variety of message on hold equipment, including digital players and adapters.  Our most popular options are displayed below:

NTL Messager USB

The Messager USB is a state-of-the-art digital audio
playback device designed to provide a continuous
play audio source for message-on-hold, background
music or any other audio application where high quality
audio playback is required.  Starting price-$245          Learn more

ProDigital PDUSB-40Compact and economical, the PD USB 40 delivers your message with crystal clear quality from non-volatile USB flash media. This self contained system requires no external computer hardware so installation is complete in minutes. Starting price-$278
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Skutch BA-704The BA-704 Music On Hold Adapter can handle three or four lines, to give you Music On Hold ability for your KSU-less phones. The BA-704/2 Music On Hold unit was designed specifically for one or two lines. Both units are compatible with all phones. Skutch offers a large variety of adapters for various phone systems.  Starting price-$284                                                   Learn more